VMWare-based Virtualization

VMWare-Based Virtualization

Deployment of a thin layer of VMWare software or firmware between the computer’s basic hardware system and the installed applications turns a single machine into many.

The software, a virtualization layer named a hypervisor, effectively divides the capacity of the machine into individual computing areas. Each installed application can be allocated space and resources according to its needs and application hardware calls are controlled by the configurable hypervisor. This effectively intercepts calls for hardware resources and manages them more efficiently than a standard desktop or server operating system.

In this environment an application which attempts to secure a port or peripheral for its exclusive use no longer locks out other applications. The operating system in the virtual space can respond to the software call and allow the application to continue working, while the hypervisor manages the availability of the resource. Software no longer hangs when looking for a resource that has been procured and held by another application and, if software does come to a halt, it stops only the virtual machine and not the physical machine. Applications running in other virtual spaces continue, unaffected, by the hung or suspended function.

Business necessary software which cannot be replaced in the immediate term and yet requires a high level of maintenance, in the form of regular re-set and re-start, places a burden on both IT and on business is general. The traditional answer is to place the application on a separate machine where re-starts do not affect the performance of other applications disrupting business to an untenable degree.

The immediate benefit of virtualization is that inherently unstable business critical applications no longer require the allocation of a complete machine. Applications running in a virtual space can be re-started, re-set, removed and reinstalled in the background without seriously degrading the performance of other applications.


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