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The Problem

With the application of Server Virtualization in the datacenter, IT costs are reduced while efficiency, availability and flexibility are improved. No matter how large or small you are, this proven technology can rapidly transform your IT delivery. Enhance the manageability of your infrastructure with virtualization.

During the rapid development of business computerization the route towards standardization has never been simple.

Solutions providers have developed software with markets in mind, but the ebb and flow of platform preference has resulted in wide ranging specification requirements for differing applications. This in turn has led to extensive inefficiency in the deployment of computing resource.

Many computerized solutions have a substantially long life expectancy before ROI is realized. Factors such as operator training and data stream dependency figure as prominently as capital cost.

Many business critical applications fail to sit comfortably side-by-side on one computer, resulting in instances where an individual server is required to run a single application.

Virtualization Definition

Virtualization is a method by which software applications can be isolated from one another within the same machine environment. By confining application and data within a managed virtual-software-package-unit it becomes possible to stop and start, or even reset individual applications without affecting the performance of other software on the machine.

Applications are installed with much less impact to the base operating system, ensuring that shared resources are never over-capitalized by the requirements of any single package.

The Solution – IVS

With extensive expertise in the delivery and configuration of turnkey server solutions, utilizing both VMWare and Xensource Hypervisor technology, we can provide virtualization as a simplified, business-ready answer to your computing problems. With the Inductsys Virtualized Server (IVS) Solution, our customers can install and manage virtual machines almost immediately upon start up, delivering economies across the business computing spectrum.


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