The Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) product figures high in the list of preferred database solutions across world markets. Still holding a sizable chunk of the total database market and employing between three and four thousand people, Sybase provides the platform of choice for many major organizations.


Sybase ASE shares many features with MS SQL Server as both products stem from the same development program, the main difference being that Sybase has a base that is essentially Unix/Linux, while the Microsoft product has been developed for Windows NT server and its descendants.


No longer competing with Oracle, IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server for the bulk database market, Sybase as a company has invested in the development of data mobility. Producing methods of delivering corporate level business intelligence to small footprint mobile devices has proven to be a lucrative niche. Servicing a world where business competitive edge is increasingly gained by the player not only being in the right place at the right time, but also holding the most accurate and up-to-date intelligence.

The Sybase stable of products include –
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise - This is the base product that shares a development history with MS SQL Server. It is a high-performance mission-critical RDBMS containing a range of features for data encryption and smart partitioning. Performance enhancing query processing technology is an integral characteristic.
Avantgo - The mobile internet service platform for high performance delivery of business intelligence.
PowerBuilder – Sybase’s rapid application development tool.
PowerDesigner – Data modeling software. This has been claimed to be the preferred option for the design of methods to overcome issues presented by the integration of disparate data sources.
SQL Anywhere – Mobile database management software. Delivering SQL data query to mobile devices including Symbian, Windows CE and Palm.

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