Network Engineering

Network Engineering, in general, is the practice of tuning the software and hardware elements of a network to maximize performance within acceptable limits determined by the network design goals.

In Practice

Very few network architects have the privilege of working with a clean sheet and, in the real world, none have an unlimited budget. Most computer networks grow organically, with new servers added to accommodate extra storage, new switches to accommodate extra users and new software applications to resolve business challenges.

The result is a compromise born of expediency.


Design Principles

In network architecture sound design principles are of fundamental importance. The basic principles for sizing a network are laid down for study and are tested by most professional examining bodies, but in the practical world the system architect, designer or manager must always make functional choices.


There are some basic factors that can and must be taken into account while waiting for ‘the next big thing’ in networking.

  1. Network topography. What shape does the network need to have in order to cope with current and foreseeable business demand?
  2. What is the businesses’ long-term ‘vision’ and how will the network cope with it?
  3. What are the practical implications in terms of server accommodation, power needs (including air-conditioning), physical space and security?
  4. How will data traffic be routed across the network? Is it necessary to provide alternate routing in the event of peak demand?
  5. How big is the budget?
  6. What can you get for the money?

Good network engineering is more than just sizing a network. It also must encompass a deep knowledge of industry developments and a clear vision of the intended future of the business the network will serve.

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