Amongst all Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) products, MySQL could be said to have the best shop window in the world.

Every time a prospective RDBMS purchaser uses Google, Ebay, Wikipedia or Wordpress, the query and reporting are handled courtesy of MySQL, giving a clear demonstration of the power of the product.

The Product

It is an open source database management system that became an integral part of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture which made possible much of the rapid development of the internet.
NB: The ‘P' in LAMP can also be said to refer to Perl or Python.

MySQL is a full multi-threaded, multi-user RDBMS.  The open source version of MySQL is provided under a General Public License.  In the early years MySQL attracted criticism for failing to adhere to industry standards for the handling of some procedures. However, version 5, released in 2005 addressed most, if not all of the issues.


As open source, MySQL is an excellent starting point for the growth of RDBMS architecture in even the smallest organizations.  Education and knowledge in the use of MySQL is probably gained in a less formal environment when compared to Oracle or IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server. It needs to be recognized that database performance owes as much to architecture and design as it does to clever scripting. A good grounding in RDBMS basics is essential whatever product is used. 


Given appropriate hardware and sound database architecture, MySQL will deliver high performance across massive amounts of data. The proof of this may be seen in any Google search.

Inductsys provides expert MySQL DB Admin services to make IT Department a source of competitive advantage.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your realize the full potential of MySQL.

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