MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server

In the early years Microsoft SQL Server grew out of the joint efforts made by Microsoft and Sybase. The aim was to create an enterprise scale relational database management system (RDBMS) to compete with the offerings from Oracle and IBM. The result shares T-SQL querying with modern Sybase products.

The development of MS SQL server has seen the emergence of a highly respected RDBMS system which is the method of choice for many business organizations.


A range of Microsoft SQL Server versions are offered to span the market.

The Enterprise Edition is the full-featured version and it includes the core database engine and add-on services, plus a range of tools for creating and managing an SQL Server cluster. The Developer Edition includes the same features as SQL Server Enterprise Edition, but is limited by the license to be only used as a development and test system and not as a production server.

Across the range there are the Express, Workgroup and Standard editions. At the entry level the Express variant is still capable of supporting unlimited numbers of databases and users. It is however, limited to the use of a single processor, 1GB of memory and 4GB of database files. In addition the Full-Text Search Service is made available as a free add-on.

Upgrade and expansion

MS SQL Server offers a growing business not only the facility to implement an effective RDBMS solution in the early stages of development, but also to continue using the same tools as the enterprise expands.

There is a clear upgrade path from Express to Enterprise with many options and features along the way. Each of these usually incurs an extra charge and each step along the product path requires increased licensing fees to be paid.

Successful use of the MS SQL Server product range requires the deployment of trained database architects, designers and administrators. However, the extensive use of this product range across the world of commerce ensures that a wide marketplace of suitable individuals and outsource services is always available.

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