Database Design and Administration

Successful data convergence within a business requires planning.  By examining the software applications in use and those under consideration it becomes possible to establish the data relationships and optimize how the data is stored.

The storage database, or databases, may be selected from a wide range of vendors, but the design and configuration of these will be fundamental to successful operation.

The importance of good design

Database performance is usually judged by users subjectively and is determined by the delay between information request and information presentation.

User requests are normally submitted in the form of search criteria entered in a computer application. The application converts this into a query code following rules determined by the designer of the application. The query will access data in one or more databases and return results.

The speed at which this process is performed is determined by many factors and tracking down performance issues can be challenging even for those who are familiar with that type of optimization. Much depends on indirect factors such as the processing power of the hardware in use, the speed of the network and the number of users simultaneously attempting to access the data. Additionally, direct factors such as the size of the database(s) and the way the data is stored or indexed within them will have a critical bearing on performance.

Good design is crucial to good performance.

The importance of good administration

  • Recoverability - Creating and testing Backups
  • Integrity - Verifying or helping to verify data integrity
  • Security - Defining and/or implementing access controls to the data
  • Availability - Ensuring maximum uptime
  • Performance - Ensuring maximum performance given budgetary constraints
  • Development and testing support - Helping programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database.

These are the basic function of the DBA (database administrator).

Design and administration as a service

With extensive expertise in database design and administration, Inductsys delivers database optimization and database administration services to transform your business and create a true competitive advantage.

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