Data Integration

Business applications store data in a wide variety of formats and many software products require the purchase of expensive options in order to facilitate the export of data.

Other applications offer free tools for the export of data, but require manual intervention in order to achieve a data-dump.

There are also applications which offer a wide range of configurable data storage facilities. These allow the user to determine the format and availability of data gathered in the use of the software.

Why is there so much diversity?

Most business applications are purchased to resolve an immediate issue. In a simple example, a telephone switchboard control system may be purchased to streamline a busy reception area. The software enables the receptionist to enter names and telephone numbers. Once this is done the application successfully transfers calls to extensions. The receptionist can take more calls, make fewer mistakes in effecting transfer and be more productive. All in all a successful software purchase. Yet, how much more productive would that be if these names and numbers could be made available on-line to everyone in the organization? No more printed telephone list, no more incorrect entries.

The Power of Integration

Information is the life-blood of business. Poor, out-of-date, or incorrect information causes delays and raises costs. Accurate information improves performance in every way.

Data can be drawn from any computer network. Applications can be configured to deliver up-to-date information in accessible format. Data streams can also be intercepted and valuable information redirected to storage areas. This data can then be analyzed and presented for utilization by various personnel and applications.

The means and the method

Probably the current most common method of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data is in SQL Database format. Multiple data repositories may be created, as SQL query code can be used to access such information across a number of storage areas. Even to the extent of reading data within the internal database storage of many applications.

The result

With the Inductsys Data Integration service your business can be empowered in the decision making process and be transformed delivering a competitive edge. Contact Us to find out how Inductsys can help your business can use IT to gain a competative edge.

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