System Integration and Application Integration

IT development has delivered the means to gather, sort and manipulate data in massive quantities.  It is easy to see how "information overload" can easily overwhelm IT.

The importance of information

However, in the world of business, you can never have too much information. Data enables business to analyze performance, forecast trends, reduce costs and control markets. It follows that volume of information is not the issue; rather, the problems arise from analysis, presentation and timeliness.

To be useful to business, information must be filtered, sorted and current.

Competitive edge is gained from quality business intelligence. This, in turn, is derived from raw data. The function of system and application integration is that of sharing diverse information feeds. These may be sourced from a range of business processes and shared between commonly used software applications across the enterprise. This ensures that your key operatives, at every level, have only current and reliable information to hand.

Most businesses, must manage to bring together essential information from wide ranging sources. Some of this may be internally generated and some may come from the internet, but manual gathering of intelligence usually has two major failings –

  1. The process is expensive in terms of time spent
  2. The intelligence is out-of-date before it can be used

How system integration and application integration can help

True integration of systems and applications draws together information generated by computer usage within your organization. All systems from desktop computers, telephone systems and ICT, email systems, voicemail systems, messaging systems and CRM systems can be integrated. The combined data is made available to analysis tools for effective presentation.

The result

The most current data possible is available to aid in the decision making processes of key people in your organization.

People in your business can be empowered with accurate information, not only on individual client needs, but also on market trends and competitor performance.
Prevent having your departments enter and research the same data repeatedly. 
Integrate and make single entry your aspiration.  Inductsys can help transform your business and truly make IT a competitive advantage.


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