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Inductsys specializes in using information technology to drive business transformation. IT can and should transform business, not just be a cost center. Inductsys will help optimize operations, increase productivity, improve customer service, and maximize competitive advantage. Inductsys helps companies achieve these goals through application of emerging technologies and business process transformation.

Inductsys has been in business in some form for more than 10 years and has itself transformed over the years. Inductsys' founder, Troy Taylor, has over twenty years of IT experience. He has held roles such as CIO as well as Information Security Manager for HP's Printer division. He holds a BS in Nuclear Physics as well as an MBA. With both a business background and expert-level technical roots, Troy brings these skills together to provide IT solutions that make business sense. Previously, Troy has founded several companies including one which later sold to Idaho Power Corporation and was a key player in the startup of MarkMonitor (an online brand protection provider).

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